Are you a young professional or a mature student looking for a hassle-free way to flat share in London? If yes, then you are at the right place! With us, you will discover the plethora of benefits that comes with renting.


 You will be sharing the property with like-minded and friendly individuals. All you need do is pay your rent, live responsibly and leave the rest to us!


 At MVK Accommodation, we offer a wide variety of rooms at different price ranges.


Our rooms are fully furnished with an all bills inclusive rent. We also provide you with Internet WIFI and a weekly cleaner free of charge. Have a look at our rooms and rent your favourite!




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Control your Finance

One fixed monthly payment including all your bills.

A dedicated team

We have a dedicated team that will support you throughout your stay.


All our properties are well located in zone 2 - close to all amenities (Tube station, bus, shop and restaurant).


How do I arrange a viewing?

You can contact us via our website or call us directly on 020… a member of our team will be happy to show you the room(s) selected.

Can I book online?

If you are not located in London you will be able to book online.

However, you will still need to pass our reference check process to gain access.

How do I reserve a Room?

Once you have selected the property that you wish to reserve. A non-refundable holding fee will be required.

What is included in my rent?

All bills are included in your Rent. They include, gas, electricity, water and council tax. We also provide a weekly cleaning service and internet Wifi which are both 100% free.

How long notice do I have to give?

A minimum of 28 days’ notice will be requested.


How is my housemate selected?

Our tenants are young professionals or mature students, usually in their 20s and 30s.


How do I pay the rent?

The rent can be paid by bank transfer, card or cash. Please note that payment has to be made in GBP


Can I have guest?

Yes, as long as you have your flatmates approval and the stay is for a short period of time. We will also need to be informed for insurance and safety reasons.


What about the cleaning?

A Free Weekly cleaning service is provided in each of our properties. However, you will still need to keep the property clean during the week.

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